Clean Up The Clutter – Fight Your Pack Rat Urge

clutterSome of us waste our money on new possessions on a regular basis.

I knew a man who purchased a new hammer every time he couldn’t find his old one.

Being wasteful can put an economic toll on our bank account by forcing us to spend money. But hoarding can be equally troublesome.

Especially for those with obsessive-compulsive disorder and poor impulse control, hoarding can hamper a home owner’s ability to work and manage daily activities.

Clutter also simply looks bad and creates a home full of dust-collectors. Even worse, many pack rats refuse to return borrowed items. Being a compulsive hoarder is often similar to stealing in many cases.


Compulsive hoarders often have all sorts of fears that drive their hoarding. Many pack rats think that any one of their possessions might become useful someday.

Some pack rats think that normally useless items have sentimental value, while other items might be missed by others if they are discarded.

Compulsive hoarders are also often afraid of being wasteful and attempt to hoard items in order to be economical.

However, truly important possessions are often lost and require hoarders to buy replacements of the lost item.

It’s all literally in your head

Many researchers have actually discovered that some brain abnormalities might be the cause of compulsive hoarding. Brain lesions, strokes, surgeries, and infections can all lead to the compulsive hoarding disorder.

But compulsive hoarding can also come from past psychological trauma. Horrible family experiences and past stress can lead to symptoms of compulsive hoarding.

Sure, some people might hoard simply out of habit, but there are times when pack rats need a proper psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis in order to determine the cause and possible treatments for the individual suffering from compulsive hoarding.

Cleaning up the clutter

If compulsive hoarding comes from bad habits or past emotional stress, you might need cognitive behavioral therapy in order to recover from compulsive hoarding.

Oftentimes, psychotherapists will help patients develop healthy thinking patterns and thought exercises that will help the pack rat overcome anxieties over getting rid of unneeded possessions.

The medical treatment used for compulsive hoarding is the serotonin reuptake inhibitor medications. These are generally not effective because compulsive hoarders might not realize the harmful effect that hoarding has on their lives.

In order to cure compulsive hording, patients need to be able to identify their problem before effective treating can occur.

How you can recover from compulsive hoarding?

To get rid of your pack rat mentality, you must become aware that you are capable of providing for yourself and your family. You do not need all of the things that you hoard. Not only that, being a pack rat can often cost you money.

Many pack rats go out and buy new possessions that they thought they lost because those essential possessions are lost among the clutter.

Get rid of reading materials that you haven’t read in a month and every week get rid of things that you can’t find a foreseeable use for in the future.



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