7 Energy Tips to Stimulate Your Inner Strength

Improved energy levels mean that you will be less likely to become tired when you perform tasks of any kind, whether it is simple household work, office work, or even manual labor. Listed below are a few energy tips that will help you in invigorating your energy and thus enrich your overall life.


1. Strength training

Don’t forget that muscles are the essential parts for providing you energy and are required in any form of physical work.

Strong and frequently exercised muscles complete the job with less effort and don’t exhaust themselves so fast.

To ensure that you are doing the things safely and effectively, ask for some energy tips from a well trained person at a club or study up on the internet.

It is better to start your workouts with “The Big 3” – back, chest and legs. You can follow this by working on smaller muscle groups, such as calves, biceps, triceps and shoulders. Also, don’t forget the abs.

2. Forgiveness

Do you hold a grudge against anyone? This pent up stress can make you feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders. It can completely consume you. It is better to drop it and let it go. Really, it is very unproductive and waste of valuable emotional energy.

Forgiveness is much easier to embrace than one might think. This doesn’t mean that you should forget what angered or hurt you, but rather be the bigger person and show that nothing can keep you down.

Forgiveness takes you beyond the role of victim and places you in the driver’s seat. Don’t be a victim. Take control of the situation and expend your energy elsewhere. Let the perpetrator free from of your enmity and ultimately you will be on top.

3. Meditation

Meditation is one of the best energy tips that helps you relax in various ways. Providing relief from stress and boosting your energy are just a couple. A few techniques to achieve relaxation are:

  • Strictly focus on breathing – nothing else
  • Count your breaths. This will help you to concentrate on breathing
  • Once your breathing evens, the sharpness of your focus will lessen. You will think about the things you need to do on the next day, bills you need to pay, remember the location of items which you have misplaced, and other stray thoughts that often seem jumbled or filed away into mental obscurity will suddenly gain clarity
  • Try then to return your concentration to breathing and begin counting again

4. Deep breathing

Learn how to breathe appropriately so that you can enhance your energy. When you feel tensed, there is an increased demand of oxygen for your brain. Shallow breaths diminish the intake of oxygen which leads to suffocation of brain cells.

Try taking a deep breath to counter the energy reducing reactions to stress. While doing so, your abdominal area will increase and your chest will rise.

Breathe through your nose until you feel full, but not excessively so.

While exhaling, draw your lower abdominals in, followed by the upper. For a half second, stay in that position and then continue with the exercise.

5. Toys / Games

Get away from whatever troubles you, and invigorate yourself with toys or games of some sort. Ensure that the toys humor you and are recreational in nature. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Decorate your desk with the things you wish to play with
  • If you are a problem solver, solve puzzles. A child at heart? Play with wind-up toys or some other fond toy of your past. Crossword puzzles aren’t a bad option either. All of these items, given you readily enjoy them, have the potential to refresh your mood.

6. Laughter

Laughter greatly helps you in boosting your energy as it causes the release of endorphins. Having a hearty laugh makes you to feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself your energy will increase.

There is a rise in your heart rate and blood pressure with genuine laugh, so blood flow is more efficient throughout the body. Remember that more blood flow results in higher energy.

7. Smiling

Here are some smiling pointers:

  • Do whatever it is that makes you smile. Take a few minutes to do something that you enjoy fully and always brings a curve to your lips.
  • Smiling at others encourages a return smile and can bring the joy of making others smile. Make sure it is genuine though and don’t allow your eyes to lie. A deep and sincerely felt smile can rarely be mistaken and is always appreciated.

These energy tips help you in invigorating your mind and the body naturally and also in releasing the stress while enriching your life.



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