7 Attention Boosting Tips for the New Year

Paying attention to the job at hand is one of the most important factors for getting the job done right, and Psychology Today offered a number of tips to boost your attention to help you be more productive and effective in this brand new year.

attention boosting tips1. Attend to how you pay attention. Don’t be on auto pilot all day; be mindful of what you do.

A lot of our attention is occupied by things that worry us or make us anxious, which excite us and so on and this is what guides our actions.

This hinders functioning, so empty the mind of these extraneous considerations, which are not currently helping you facilitate your goals.

2. Replace ineffective habits with effective ones – There is a lot that we do automatically, or by sheer habit. Identify the habits that are running counter to your goals and try replacing them with more effective ones.

3. Keep emotions in check – often emotions can interfere with how focused (or not) we are. It is important to be approach a goal in an energized, strong and clean manner that is not obscured by destructive emotions. Don’t let your emotions dictate your actions, rather free yourself of the dictates of emotion and do what is best suited to the requirements of the situation.

4. Energize Yourself – It isn’t just physical but also mental energy we need to get us through a given day. Rather than relying on ephemeral and ultimately negative things such as energy drinks and caffeine, try other ways to energize yourself. Use music, or exercise, other calming techniques such as breathing exercises or the visualization of a favorite scene to help energize yourself.

5. Spend some quiet time with yourself – Meditation, mindful breathing, or other tools can be used to help in mental coordination and to clarify the thought process. This will also help see goals with better clarity.

6. Rest and eat well – Quality rest is vital for improving attention and energy levels. Nutritious food is good not only for the body but also the brain.

7.  Use visualization and reflection – Visualize in your head the actions that will facilitate the achievement of a goal and those actions that run counter to this and pick the actions that will work best for you. Reflect on the scenario again; this will in a sense help you create an effective new habit, which will hopefully get ingrained in the memory and help you whenever there is a requirement.



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