6 Unusual Diet Tips to Get a Healthier YOU

The fad diets don’t work, and reading health magazines came to naught; even the weight one lost came back after a while.

So here are some out of the box suggestions to help you lose weight and get healthy as compiled by Psychology Today, which you may find work really well for you.

6 Unusual Diet Tips to Get a Healthier YOU

1. Watch TV at the Gym

The better kind of gym machines, treadmills, exer-cycles and elliptical machines all come equipped with TVs now, so you can prevent workout boredomand also catch up with your TV viewing at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.

2. Watch the documentary Super Size Me

Among other things, this film by Morgan Spurlock, tells you what goes into the making of the ubiquitous chicken nugget, as well as other usual suspects and villains in your diet.

3. Don’t drink soda, any kind

For some of us this may be tough, but be strong and just do it – give up all kinds of sugary drinks, even the diet variety. They have zero nutritional value. Learn to love delicious plain water, and if you must have a fix of some kind, just have a swig of sparking water or iced tea (unsweetened).

4. Find someone attractive

It is remarkable how much of a motivation it can be if you’re trying to boost your attractiveness quotient for the sake of someone you find attractive.

A good looking colleague, an intriguing neighbor may just provide that extra bit of motivation.

5. Eat when you’re hungry rather than at ‘meal times’

If this means skipping a meal or so, then so be it. Don’t just eat for the sake of it, or because it is that time of day.

6. Watch I Used to Be Fat on MTV

Even if reality shows are not your cup of tea, this may make instructive viewing as it is revealed that food can contribute to self destructive behavior and the way in which self esteem and weight are inextricably linked.

Additional Tip:

 Try a Natural Colon Cleanse

If you have trouble sticking to a healthy eating regimen, you’ve likely got some potentially unhealthy reserves of waste and toxins residing in your digestive tract. Toxins from food and excess waste can become stuck in the colon, inhibiting proper absorption of nutrients and causing digestive issues such as constipation and bloating. You can help relieve this strain on your digestive system by choosing an all natural herbal colon cleanse to sweep out excess wastes for a fresh start.



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