What Parents Should Know About Teen Suicide?

The adage prevention is better than cure is never truer in the case of suicide because in this case there is quite literally no cure at all. And when you look at statistics, it is startling to know that the third leading cause of death among 15- to 24-year-olds, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is suicide.

teen suicideAlso as worrying is the result of a survey that found 14% high school students had “seriously considered suicide” in the previous one year. Help your child by keeping in mind the following:

  • The warning signs and risk factors can be detected; parents need to educate themselves about suicidal behavior.
  • Depression, hopelessness, anxiety, alcohol or drug abuse , self destructive or risky behavior, extreme mood swings, withdrawal from society and socializing in general, threats or statements such as life is not worth living etc. are some signs to watch out for.
  • Sometimes family history of suicide could offer up clues of risk factors
  • Kids should not have access to guns, they are the leading cause of child suicide.
  • Look out for triggering events.
  • Parents also need to become aware of protective factors
  • The video Not my kid could be valuable viewing for parents

Source: ABC news



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