Understanding Step-Family Dynamics

Step-FamilyBlending families can be a difficult and trying time.

Not only are two different methods of parenting being blended but in many cases two different sets of siblings are being blended together.

There are ways to better understand the dynamics behind step families which will help deal with the issues associated with them.

The most important thing to remember when blending families is that they are different from traditional families. This new and blended family is different but that is okay.

Yes it is odd that now siblings are living with completely new siblings and in some cases strangers but instead of looking at the negative accept it for what it is and look at it from the positive that there are more siblings to have be a part of your life.

Once you have acknowledged that the blended family is not the same thing as the traditional family it is important to know that it is okay if not everyone gets along.

And it is okay if people don’t love each other. Being nice and cordial will make living together a lot easier but you don’t have to love each other.

The biological parent should handle the discipline for the first several months and even in some cases years. Therefore it is very important that both parents agree on a set of rules and a set of consequences and they enforce them to their own biological children.

After time and once the biological parents have proven they are consistent and fair it may be okay to slowly work in the step-parent disciplining the step children in the household.

When the step parent does begin to discipline, however it is important the whole family sit down and the biological parent tell the children they are to obey the step parent.

If the children have a good relationship with their other parent (the parent not in this equation) it is important those children know they can come and go to spend time with the other parent when they want to.

And sometimes the children may just want to get out of the chaos and get into their own space and that is okay and needs to be allowed.

It is no secret that finances are the number one reason people fight, and especially couples. It is very important when you blend families to make sure both parents are on the same page financially and all children are treated fairly.



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