6 Things That you Should Never Say to your Kids

Our kids or children are more sensitive, intelligent and emotional than we think. They understand more things than we think they do and hence parents must always be very careful about what they say to their kids or in front of them. Certain things can make kids feel hurt, demotivated, disheartened and even not loved. This is why we must pay attention to everything that we say to them. The following are the top things we must never say to our kids.

things  that you should never say to your kids

1. I Wish you were More Like your Brother/Sister

Nothing hurts kids like comparison with their own siblings or friends. Thus parents must be very careful about not comparing them to their brothers or sisters. Thus you must never say “I wish you were more like your brother/sister” even if you are very frustrated as this can pull the child down and may make him feel less loved than his/her own sibling.

2. You are a Bad Boy/Girl

As a parent you must never feed negative thoughts into the mind of your child. Not only does saying something like this kill the self esteem of kids but also makes them feel bad about themselves. You must always try to say positive things to them even if they are not doing something right. Kids are innocent and need appreciation and love to perform better at anything.

3. Don’t Talk to me

Never try to cancel out a channel of communication between you and your kid, no matter what. You must not even ask them to stop talking and arguing as this can make them go into their own shell. It is better if they talk and take out whatever is going into their head rather than clouding themselves with all of it. Let them share their opinion, ask questions, and then convince them with your own words.

4. Leave me Alone

The worst thing that you can say to your kid is ‘leave me alone’. No matter how frustrated, angry or sad you are feeling, you must always keep the kids close and not make them feel that you want them away from you. This can dishearten them and may get etched in their memories forever.  You are everything to your kids and wanting them away can make them feel like they are not loved enough.

5. Girls/Boys Don’t do that

Creating gender bias rules can confuse children and it is best not to suggest them to do things based on their gender. Let them explore themselves, their choices, their likings and preference from very early on.

6. No One Likes Kids like you

It is true that there are many moments when you may be frustrated with the children but under no circumstance should you say this to them. This sentence can make them feel very hurt and may make them feel like they are a burden on you, which is obviously not true. Saying something like this will also make you feel guilty later on.


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