Self Development And Healing With Motherhood And Its Adverse Effects!

Self DevelopmentThe natural process which many people and even mothers took for granted is motherhood.

Motherhood begins with procreation, breeding and reproduction. It is much greater than giving birth.

The ongoing process of self healing, development and destruction is motherhood.

If you are a mother then motherhood completes and fulfills you. Sometimes this also destroys you.

Inner awareness is brought to you by Motherhood. Motherhood comes to you with responsibilities and worries. You will feel life changing experience with motherhood. With respect to physical changes, you will have different view in relation to your child.

You will be different prior to child birth from after being a mother. After child birth, you will get changes physically and emotionally. Mother is the person who is known to sacrifice herself and everyone for protection of her child.

Motherhood provides you two principles for self development and healing:

Many mothers think that they have to sacrifice everything for the sake of the child. But they will cease the child’s own interests and activities. But you should not do like this, you can become a good mother to your child by following these two principles.

By following these two principles, mother, child, family and society will be benefitted. As a mother you should not force your child to follow the same ambitions and same path as you follow. You should understand your child mind, needs, wants and aspirations as your child has his own right and own mind.

As a mother you should care and nurture your child to keep him happy. When time comes, you should forge a path for your child.

The above two principles are true for all relations to a person. But when it comes to motherhood, because of inherent chaos state, it is induced in terms of physical, emotional and mental balance. For healthy mother-child relationship it is very important to regain proper balance and perspective.

The adverse effects of motherhood:

A mother will become overprotective mother when she will act in a destructive way. The destructive way is the way of acting as if you are protecting your child from vagaries of dangerous world.

When you project your own hopes and dreams on your child and force your child to follow same path, this forever damages a child, such a mother is self absorbed mother.

The mother who produces a child who is emotionally unstable and danger to society, such mother is negligent mother. The mother who produces psychopaths and sociopaths is an abusive mother.

Motherhood is very important in the life of mother. Mother should be so much responsible on his child. The person growth and development depends on his childhood. In the childhood, if a person is good then he will grow up as the good person. This does not hold true in all cases.

But important stage of a person is childhood, which is in the hands of the mother. So, take care of your child when he was in childhood, otherwise your child will move towards negative path.



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