Parents’ Positive Attitude Influences Their Children

Possessing a positive attitude in life will help you tide through many a disaster, and conquer many a storm.

If you are an individual with a positive attitude, it means that you are a person who focuses on the positive side of life, while trying to ignore the negative, at least to a certain extent.

Adopting a positive attitude will help you cope better with your life and with the problems it deals you with unfailing regularity, and helps you deal with stress and its related problems.

Remember, nobody is ever born with a completely positive attitude; it is something that has to be developed and polished over a period of time, and the extent to which you can do it would again depend upon your positive attitude towards life.

As an adult, and as a responsible parent, it may be entirely up to you to make sure that you develop a positive attitude in your child, so that he can face the challenges of life as he grows into an adult.

Here are some tips to help influence your child into being the positive person that you are:

  • Teach your child to never ever say the words, “I can’t!” Not only will this sort of statement make him feel inadequate, it will also make him lose his self worth, and develop a negative attitude in him. He will feel that he is no good at anything he does; he will not succeed, and that he need not even try for it. Instead, teach him to say, “I won’t!” This will give him a sense of control over the situation, and make him take up the responsibility for making such a choice. You as a parent must get rid of this attitude and teach him to think positively.
  • Teach your child to recognize the point at which he has started to think negative thoughts. For instance, when he is painting, he may make a mess, and this may start him thinking, “Oh! I am no good at this! Maybe I should simply give up!” Teach your child to think instead, “Oh! I may have made a mess this time, but it doesn’t matter! I will try harder next time!” This way, he can become a positive thinking person, and this attitude will be reflected in all his actions.
  • You as a parent must grab every chance you can to tell jokes, laugh, and generally act silly. When you adopt this attitude with your child, and make him smile and laugh along with you at every chance he can, then you are on your way to building a positive energy filled happy home.
  • Grab every chance you can to say, “I love you!” to your child.
  • Grab every chance you can to demonstrate the affection you feel for your child, in a physical way, even if he makes it clear that he does not like it. Hug your child, pat his hand, smooth down his hair (I know he hates it!) pat his back, and offer him kisses every now and then. Even if it looks like he does not appreciate all this, it will influence him greatly in his attitude towards you, and towards life in general. He is on his way towards becoming a completely positive person, because of you.

Remember, small things go a long way, and it is time now to develop that positive attitude in your child already. What are you waiting for?



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