New Parents Can Help Each Other

Anyone who has children understands that when the new baby comes the honeymoon is over.

Couples enjoy a very close relationship when they first marry. They are able to spend a great deal of time together and it is usually quality time.

When the first child arrives however, there is so much time spent with the child care that the happy couple seldom has any time not devoted to either child care or work.

We know that for a relationship to survive each member has to feel loved, appreciated, and secure. While it is good to hear these feelings spoken, being able to actively demonstrate them can make all the difference and time is a huge factor, especially with new couples.

Doing little things, together, can be a big help. If the baby needs feeding or changing, especially at night, it can be a good idea for both parents to do the job together.

Taking time everyday, when the baby is sleeping for instance, to spend time together, is also a great help.

Finally, a big key is to have a positive attitude and to know that a family is a team. Working together with your spouse or significant other, physically showing affection often, and taking time each day to spend with them exclusively are all keys to keep the relationship on a steady course.



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