Long Distance Parenting Done Right

There are many reasons that may force you to stay away from your children. It is not always a divorce that makes a parent stay away from their kids. Reasons like work and tending to familial obligations can be part of the deal. Thus you need to work your way to parent your child even when you are away. Here are a few tips that can help you in your run.

long distance parenting done right

How to Be a Good Long Distance Parent

If you are divorced then there could be a number of situations:

  • You and your ex stay in the same locality and hence you can visit your child often. This gives you the opportunity to be physically present and support him/her however he/she needs. This involves mental, moral and economic support.
  • If you have moved in with your new love interest and you stay in different cities that are drivable, then try and visit your kid as and when you can. Invite him over for vacations so that he becomes friendly with your new love interest.
  • You may stay in a different country and not get all the time to fly down owing to distance, time and money. Call when you can and definitely write to him/her. Your child may not find the letters important then but years later these papers will be treasure items for him. Use technology to connect.
  • Never use your children to pass a message to your ex or to find out what your ex is doing. The effects of being a mediator can be very adverse.
  • When you stay away for work then explain to your child the reason for your absence when you are home. A phone call all the time may not do the trick. Send e-mails, chat on Skype, stay connected on Facebook and Whatsapp along with the age old postal mail.
  • You may need to be away from your better half and your kid to take care of your parents or other family members. If the situation is conducive, then ask your kids to visit you.
  • Make sure that you are updated about their activities in their school and college or their peer group so that he feels that you care.
  • Compliment them on the slightest achievement and send them a note of appreciation even if it is a card.
  • If both of you share a hobby, make it a way to connect. This will lead to healthy conversations.

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