How To Deal With Your Shy Child?

Does your child feel embarrassed to talk to strangers? Does he worry excessively about what others will think about him? Does he always tend to avoid social situations? Is he always hesitant about making friends?

Is your child shy? Remember, shyness is normal, but only to a certain extent.

Shyness stems from an exaggerated sense of self, and generally, the shy child feels easily embarrassed and worries about what the other person will think of him, or of any particular actions of his.

Although it may be true that shyness cannot be cured, one can learn how to handle it, so that one may be able to cope with the various situations that life hands out.

Also remember, extreme shyness can, if left untreated, turn into what is known as ‘social phobia’, which describes an intense fear of social situations, and the child will be left with a phobia of attending public functions and social gatherings, leading to a fear of interviews, of getting a job, of meeting people, of any kind of situation at all that may involve an interaction with a group of strangers, in a strange environment.

If you feel that your child is excessively shy, take action now. Do not wait! You will be paving the way to a better future for your child.

Here are some expert recommended strategies to help your child overcome his shyness:

  • Connect with your child
  • Never ever make your child feel bad about his shyness. It is something that he cannot help, and if he only could, he would not be a shy person.
  • Empathize with him, even if you are a bubbly type of person and cannot understand why your child should be shy.
  • Try to let your child know that you know what it feels like, and if applicable, let him know that you were also a shy child. You could let him know how to face situations that frighten him, and how you did it as a child.
  • You could teach him strategies that would help him deal with his shyness. You could do your own research, or consult a psychologist who will guide you. Ask your friends and relatives what they did to help their shy child. Follow whichever method suits your child best, but do not keep harping on it; it will only make the situation worse, and he may become even shier than he was before.
  • Enroll your child in a variety of situations in which he has to interact with a group of children of his age, like for instance, a sports activity, a painting class, a debate club. This will make him meet new people, and allow him to make new friends. He could also use his newly acquired strategies to overcome his shyness.

No matter what you do, try your best to make your child face his shyness with the intention of overcoming it, before he reaches adulthood. A shy adult in general terms is an under-achiever as compared to his more open peers.

Start today!



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