Do Your Kids Ignore Your FB Friend Requests?

Parents may be offended, hurt or maybe just puzzled and perhaps resigned that their friend requests addressed to their children on the social networking site Facebook has been ignored.

And it isn’t as if these children are isolated from their parents or have bad relationships with them; so why is it that children ignore parents’ friend requests?

facebookMany kids use social networking sites simply as a means to share their thoughts and perhaps angst with likeminded and similarly aged individuals.

They may simply not want their parents to be privy to their teen angst and so on.

Further kids may have the apprehension (misguidedly or otherwise) that befriending a parent will mean answering all sorts of questions – about friends and contacts, relationship statuses and so on.

For parents it is important to remember that they need not take it personally. It isn’t necessary that their child is hiding something; it’s just that it can be tricky for kids to navigate their social network if they know their parents are watching, so to speak.

This may just be the place where the child is asserting their independence and expressing their sense of identity – having a parent in the process may just put a crimp in it.



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