10 Ways to Cope Up with the Death of your Child

There is no loss in the world more devastating than the death of a child.  Losing a child is losing onto yourself and changes your life forever.  The grief that you feel in such a situation is not just sadness but also anger, frustration and hopelessness for the future. Most people find it very difficult to deal with the loss of a child. The following are 10 ways that could help:

cope up with the death of your child

1. Help your Grieve

Do not hold back on your emotions. Whatever you are feeling, just express it and grieve the loss of your child.  Give yourself the permission to feel what you are feeling as nothing is ‘wrong’ at such a time.

2. Be Gentle to Yourself

You may blame yourself for what happened, for no particular reason but remember that it wasn’t your fault. Be gentle to your own self and take care of yourself at such a hard time.

3. Get Plenty of Sleep

It might be difficult to fall asleep for the first few days after the death but allow yourself to get plenty of sleep. Death of a child can take a toll on the body as well as the mind. So give both the rest they deserve.

4. Remember to Eat

You may lose your appetite with such a devastating loss but do make yourself eat. You need a lot of energy at this moment to avoid getting physically weak and also to ward off the negative emotions.

5. Stay Hydrated

All the crying can dehydrate you and this dehydration can be physically taxing.  Make sure you drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday and stay well hydrated.

6. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

You may want to indulge in alcohol and drugs at this moment to drown your depression but avoid them as much as possible as these can aggravate the depression further.

7. Host a Memorial

To honor your child’s memory and life, you can host a memorial as this would give you a way to get back in touch with people you love.

8. Make a Donation

Making a donation in the name of your child might also help you to deal with the trouble by lifting burden off your chest.

9. Talk to a Therapist

If you are still not able to cope up with the loss, you can talk to a therapist and get some help.

10. Talk to your Partner

Talking to your partner may help since both of you have experienced the same loss.



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