Combating Sibling Rivalry

Sibling RivalrySibling rivalry can be a very difficult thing to deal with however it is important to remember sibling rivalry is as common and as old as anything.

Sibling rivalry is nothing new. The key to combating sibling rivalry is to understand why it is going on and what factors are fueling the rivalry.

Different genders and different ages of siblings always make for a difficult and varied contrast in family dynamics.

The first thing to acknowledge is that children have different, varying and evolving needs. Your toddler and your teenager have completely different needs. They also are motivated by completely different things.

Your toddler is going to be extremely and naturally protective of their toys while the teenager may be especially cranky for no particular reason.

Therefore if another child picks up the toddler’s toy, the toddler is going to most likely react with a scream or cry. The other child may not have meant anything at all and certainly not meant anything to warrant a scream or a cry.

And meanwhile, a child in the family may talk to a grumpy and loner teenage child in the household and not get the response they want causing an issue.

Understanding your children have different temperaments is important as well. Some children in the household may be high strung while other children in the household may be laid back.

Some children may be talkers and dominate the conversations while some children in the household may be shy. All of these factors will be ingredients in the sibling rivalry situation.

If you have children with special needs this will be an issue on its own. Since a child with special needs may most likely require more attention from the parents this may increase feelings of resentment on other children in the household. This resentment may lead to the children treating the sibling with special needs poorly.

Therefore it is very important to make sure all children have the attention they need and crave and important as well to recognize not all children need and craves the same amount of attention.

It is important, the parent or parents of the household are good role models for conflict resolution. Also important is that the parent or parents do not get involved in sibling rivalry until it reaches a point of violence.

Presenting children with a good example of conflict resolution and being solution oriented will definitely help to decrease the sibling rivalry in your household.



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