Boundaries Parents Should Respect

The Washington Post recently ran an article based on an online discussion where an important point was discussed – Boundaries that intrusive parents should respect. The question is posed by a 26 year old man who is financially independent and has a job and his own home – who asks how justified his parents are when they insist upon knowing his every move; including what he does Saturday night.

parent arguing with sonParents have to understand, that at this stage in the life of their child, they are not entitled to on demand access. While it is reasonable that parents want to know how their child is doing, intrusive questions are not appropriate.

A child who is grown up and independent doesn’t have to answer questions about all this comings and goings.

If a parent says that if they will call the police if there is no response from their child in 24 hours, this is tantamount to parental blackmail, and the police may have issues with their resources being squandered for so little reason; parents may be warned.

Breaching boundaries of independent children may make them feel disrespectful to a parent, but rather than it come to that; parents would do better not to get that intrusive in the first place.



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