5 Ways To Help Prepare Your Child For The Loss Of Their Grandparent

grandparents1. Talk openly about the impending death in advance of any health problems.

Let the child know the grandparent as a healthy grandparent and acknowledge that grandparent will eventually pass away.

And while discussing the topic of death with your child, answer all of their questions no matter how difficult they may be.

Of course the majority of the questions your child will ask will depend upon your own spiritual and religious beliefs but also allow your child to form their own opinions. Maybe you don’t believe in heaven yet maybe your child would like to.

2. If the grandparents are ailing and will be experiencing diminishing health for awhile you could assist your child in putting together a legacy project or even a family tree.

Allow your children to understand where they came from, where you and your spouse came from and that even the grandparents had parents and children just like your children and just like you. A legacy project can involve pictures and photographs, old newspaper clippings, written and scrapbooked memories, anything you want it to include.

3. Encourage your child to spend time with the grandparents. If you live far away from the child’s grandparents then make an effort to have the child talk to their grandparents on the phone multiple times a month or even each week.

Have your child or children email and even instant message their grandparents. You do not want there to be any regrets when the grandparents pass in regards to time spent together between your children and your parents.

4. Encourage your child to draw, paint, write, color, sing and any other activity through which they can express their feelings and emotions.

5. Find children’s books on death and dying. There are many books on the market which can help your children deal with the passing of their grandparents. There are different books targeted at different ages of children as well as different family dynamics.

Some other good resources for helping your children deal with the death of their grandparents can be talking to their teachers as well.

Maybe someone else in your child’s class has recently gone through the same situation and your child could learn from that. Maybe the teacher made an example with the other student in the class so it would be a little easier for your child to understand and adapt.



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