5 Valuable Tips To Help Your Child Make Friends

Little can touch your heart more than a plaintive child’s cry, “I don’t have any friends”.

Because your child is your responsibility, whenever your child wants or desires something, you want to do whatever you can to help them out and put a happy smile on his/her face.

If the reason for the depression is that s/he doesn’t have friends to play with, you will tend to feel worse and be desperate about doing something to help.

However, as much as you help them in their play, the disappointment remains in your child’s heart. Here are a few tips to help your child make friends and feel happier.

1. Observe your child’s play style

Whenever your kid is in a group with his/her peers, particularly at play time or a party, try to observe your kid’s behavior. Watch whether s/he is shy or hesitant to get involved in group activities or get too close to other kids. Once you get an idea about their play style, it will be easier for you to assist them with their problem.

2. Help your kid interact with others

If you feel that your child lacks proper interaction with others, help them to interact with other children. Encourage your child to notice when others are feeling shy or upset and get involved in their playing. This will not only endear other kid to him/her, but it also helps him/her to gain confidence of his behavior and personality.

3. Get involved in their play

Don’t just leave your children to play by themselves. Realize that your guidance can help them to feel more ease with others, particularly new friends. Don’t enforce any game on your children, let them explore their own ideas and try to encourage them by adding suggestions to their thoughts.

4. Talk to their teacher

Visit your child’s classroom and ask the teacher how your child behaves with his peers at school. Discuss your kid’s concerns and then work together on school-based strategies to help your child in making friends.

5. Teach them not to expect too much

If you feel that your kid is feeling bad, teach them not to expect too much from other children. Make your kid realize that s/he has to make an effort to approach other kids. If your child battles to make friends, tell him/her that you will always stand by him/her and will help wherever possible.

If you really want to help your child to make good friends, implement these effective tips and help make your kid’s childhood a memorable phase of their life.



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