Tips To Organize Your Workspace

Your workspace, like your home, needs to be well organized. The following are some of the handy tips to organize office.

Plan Your Workplace

  • Use “L” and “U” shaped desks for the most competent workspaces
  • Store your gadgets and equipment such as telephone, computer, etc. on one “wing”
  • Leave the other wing free to spread out while you work
  • Have everything you need within arm’s reach
  • This way you can hold the telephone and take notes at the same time
  • Add a hutch for extra storage for books, supplies, and equipment
  • Avoid cluttering your workspace by filing away personal items

Workplace Ergonomics

  • Place your wrists flat when typing or using a mouse.
  • If not, use a keyboard tray or wrist rest when typing.
  • Pay special attention to your body aches and pains aren’t normal.
  • Do not generally bend, squat, or stretch at your workstation.
  • Place your monitor at eye level; if not, raise your monitor.
  • When sitting, your thighs need to be parallel to the floor.
  • Your calves need to be perpendicular to the floor with feet on the ground
  • If not, adjust your chair or bring in a footrest.

Shortage of Supplies

  • Do not hoard supplies at your desk
  • Keep only what you need right now at your workstation
  • Use a separate supply area for storing bulk amounts
  • Store away extras in labeled containers and group like items together
  • Ex: writing utensils, clips, notepads, etc.
  • Place flat items (paper, sheet protectors, and folders) in stacking trays
  • Place drawer dividers in drawers to keep small items in order
  • Place envelopes and note cards in a small vertical rack
  • Use bracket shelves above your desk for additional storage


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