Steps To Organize Your Kitchen Effectively

The heart of the home is the kitchen. Kitchen is a gathering place, a special place. From your kitchen come sights, scents and sounds that signal the appetite. It is the most memorable place in your home.

Your kitchen may be filled with plenty of cabinets, cupboards and drawers, and some may not. Whatever your unique situation might be, its how you use the space you have and how you discover ways to add more storage solutions that makes a difference.

Guidelines To Organize Kitchen

Take advantage of these few tips. You will enjoy your kitchen that much more.

1. Cupboards And Drawers

For instance, food should be gathered with like-items together, and not spread out into different cabinets that contain unrelated items. Place your dishes in a cupboard that is either near the eating table or near the sink area.

The Coffee Machine

Place your coffee machine on a counter-top over a cabinet area. Place your coffee and tea objects together near the machine. Pots and pans can placed near the stove area.

To start with, it might be best to empty one section of the cabinet at a time, and reorganize the items back into cabinets that best suit “the flow” of how you work in your kitchen. Take your time for this takes some thought.

2. Allocate Specific Space For Every Item In Kitchen

When you decide to organize your kitchen, then you should allocate specific space specific space for each and everything. You will need organizing “tools” in which to store items to organize kitchen. You can browse through catalogs or department stores for ideas on what to buy.

Get away from cluttering the counters with too many appliances. Keep the objects out, which you use very often. If not, keep it stored away where it cannot be seen. Consider building a shelf above the counter to hold appliances. This will free up your counter space to work on.

Establish a place in your kitchen to keep 1) a message center and/or paper-related items, like a note pad and pens near the phone, 2) a mail center, 3) cookbooks and recipe boxes…

3. Refrigerator

Organize your refrigerator in the same way as you would any other cabinet. Arrange the group like-items together. It’s a good idea to clean out the refrigerator weekly to be rid of foods that have expired. Try to avoid keeping leftover foods in containers that sit in the back of the shelves, as they often go bad and smell up your fridge.



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