Steps To Organize Your Children

As an adult, when you are trying to be organized and having disruptive children can be a challenge. These types of behaviors are a type of disorganization in itself, which are taking energy and time from parents.

For many, it is the most overwhelming task to organize children to do chores, put things away in proper designated places, to be respectful and civil. Some parents may resort to anger, threats and even name-calling with such frustration.

Anger might seem to be appropriate at times, but it could cause real damage to the child’s self-concept and well being, if a parent sinks into a continuing pattern of resentment and negativity toward a child’s lack of compliance. None of us wants that.

Nothing breeds unwillingness and indifference more than being made to feel accused and inadequate. Think of a time when you were made to feel that way. Did it make you want to improve at all? Of course, it did not.

Creating Enthusiastic Atmosphere

You should create an enthusiastic atmosphere with your children. Have your children exited about rewards they will get if they clean up their rooms, keep the house tidy and do their everyday jobs.

Let them know that they are appreciated and how a family is a supportive unit for the endurance of everyone. Bring this across to them in a number of ways. Teach them to earn their place by being a contributing part of it. They will feel loved and a valuable member of the family.

Steps To Organize Children

1. Rewards And Praises

Using earned rewards and praise you can have a system of effective control. These rewards ad praises method is very precise and reliable for all involved. Develop a point system that adds up to an allowance that lets kids spend their money the way they want to.

Children love this and empower this. If the children want that tour to the roller rink or some other new possession, which is really valuable to them, they know getting it will be a direct result of their efforts. This teaches them value for your efforts.

2. Be Encouraging

If your children mess up with you, do not make them feel poorly, instead take their rewards points away if they mess up with you. Let them know there is always next time, and let them know they can do better, but do not sway in your position.

This rewarding process should be as real as if they are doing a real job and getting paid for their work. The rules agreed to have to be kept, no matter what and they have to know it’s firm. It has to directly affect what they consider to be significant to them and in how they are directly affected by it.

It’s all there without any effort on rich family children parts, and they don’t have to earn a thing. They just take it all for granted. Make incentives that are mainly significant to them and let them learn the lesson that contribution equals real reward.

Tasks to earn rewards can vary, week by week, and in case of multiple kids the child with highest points can take the pick of the favorite chores and the child with lowest points gets the chores that are left over. Make it a realistic approach for each child according to age and ability to have their fair chance to win.

3. Child’s Interests

Do your children have their own causes and incentive to keep their bedrooms and the play areas clean? Talk it over with them; ask them for examples of how it could be more significant for them. Gently direct them to discover the reasons for keeping the room clean for themselves. This would serve their best needs.

4. Personalize

Make them available with extra jobs above and beyond the call of duty, if they want to earn extra points to gain something special or to catch up if behind. This will help them do that, such as taking over one of the parent’s tasks for a time or doing a special project for the home and family.

As best as possible, make everything personal to your child. They will flourish and you will see how very organized they will become.

It is really a tough job to rear our children. Bring up your child to respect you and to earn their way and you will have a naturally organized household. Even wonders can occur with the right attitude, good communication and good systems.



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