Smart Tips to Organize your Bookshelf

Books have a great deal of importance in the life of every dedicated reader and book lover. Bookshelves are hence the fortresses which not only store and protect books but also display the glory of owning a wide range of them. But organizing bookshelves to optimize the space is a tricky task.

Good organization can also add to the appearance of the area and make the books stand out. When organizing or arranging bookshelves following some standard or tried and tested tips can be of great help.

smart tips to organize your bookshelf

  • Organizing all of the books in either horizontal or, only vertical pattern can become a little boring. So the first tip to organize a bookshelf and make it more interesting is to try alternating between vertical and horizontal placement of the books.
  • Another interesting tip is to use small books and place them horizontally on the same shelf as some vertical books. The horizontal books can thus act as a butt-rest for the books placed vertically and some small movable stuff can be placed on the horizontally placed stacks.
  • The next tip is to weed out- the books that you won’t read at all, you are not proud of to display or books that are too shabby looking. They will occupy and kill space. If essential make put them in the back or at the bottom most shelf.
  • Sometimes you need to make distinctions/ separations between the books. To do so, you can use photo frames as bookends/ book-divides. This way the photos also stand out and they break the monotony of books.
  • Alternatively, you can also use sculptures, bowls, and even plates to act as bookends. A very smart idea is to use a bowl filled with stones to act as a natural tone on the bookshelf. The stones also double up as paper weights.
  • Many people follow the regular ‘arranging books according to the alphabets regime’; but it is high time that just old regimes be switched. Plus they also seem a tad bit “library”. So try organizing your books by the colors.
  • Another way of dividing and organizing books is to divide them by the genre or author and assign a different shelf for every genre. You can also double up if you have more genres than shelves.
  • An interesting and smart tip that most people will find of use to them is to classify the mid shelf as the most used. What we mean is place all the books and accessories that are used most often in the mid-shelf bringing it closer in sight and in reach.
  • Alternatively, you can also pick a shelf and grant it the “favorites’ status. That is, stack all of your favorites on that particular shelf and organize the rest in another pattern.
  • Also, make sure that you leave some empty spaces in the bookshelf so that everything does not look too hotchpotch. To make this happen, take a step back, breathe and use your imagination.

These are the few bookshelf organization tips which will help you achieve the perfect balance.


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