Simplify Simplify Simplify

SimplifyBy simplifying our lives we can actually make things so much easier, so much more peaceful.

By simplifying our lives we need to think of things in terms of ‘quality’ and not ‘quantity’.

Think of simplifying by taking out all of the ‘kind ofs’ in your life and only leaving the ‘for sures’.

First of all people appreciate higher quality over higher quantity. Instead of concentrating on the numbers, concentrate on the quality.

For example, instead of trying to make time to have a one hour coffee date with eight different friends concentrate on two to three of those friends that you can spend a three to four hour lunch each month.

Simplifying doesn’t come naturally to most people and as obvious as it seems many people wouldn’t know where to start in their quest to begin simplifying their lives.

As stated with your girlfriends and spending time together, gradually decrease the commitments you have in your life. Gradually decrease the commitments from a large quantity to a few commitments that you are able to give quality time and efforts to.

Instead of volunteering for many organizations narrow it down to two. They deserve your full attention and best effort anyway.

Set limits on the hours that you work and make sure when you are away from work you enjoy yourself, your loved ones and friends and do not give work any of your energy.

Do you oftentimes find yourself doing busy stuff around the house just to keep moving? Don’t. Stop that busy work and just, be. Don’t overkill with your to-do list in fact set limits on your to-do list.

Learn to say no. Saying no is extremely difficult for some people and for those of us who have no problem saying no it is difficult to understand the other people.

There will always be people asking for your help and your time. There will always be people asking for your pick-up truck to help them move and there will always be people asking you to attend showers, parties and their children’s communions.

Just learn to say no. If your weekend is overbooked or even if you just want a weekend to do nothing and someone asks you to do something just say no. Practice it.

Do not multi-task. Do single task and focus as much as you can. Instead of multi-tasking, concentrate on one thing at a time. Once that one thing is done you can move on to the next task.



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