Simple Tips To Get Organized

Admit it! Sometimes seemingly endless streams of paperwork and wonder can overwhelm you if you will ever be able to organize it all. Emails or Ezines that you want to keep, school papers, ideas you found on the Internet, notes of ideas that popped into your head as you waited to have a tooth filled, newspaper clippings.

You will just store the data and then forget where that one article was that you needed to complete the project that was due last week! Phew! It is all very tiring. Being a list person is a great help.

Well it’s time to start thinking about becoming a list enthusiast, if you are busy living a 9 to 5 work life, family time, a home-based business and taking care of your household, as well as having a number of hobbies. Time to simplify your life!

12 Simple Tips To Get Organized

For all of the super-busy people in this world, there are a number of very clever and yet simple ways to help organize your life and keep your sanity.

Make A Note

Keep a small handy notebook and pen. Take it wherever you go and then instead of trying to remember the ideas or appointments or things to do and then forgetting them later on, make a note of them.


Take the time just for YOU. Allot some time in your agenda and even make an appointment for yourself and keep it, even if it’s only a leisurely 30 minute bubble bath or a 20 minute walk in the fresh spring air!

Telephone Usage

Team Effort

Save time and footwork by collecting everything to bring with you to complete errands or to distribute in each room of the house instead of making too many trips. Make a fast list while planning out your route and be sure to plan each stop along the way so you do not have to backtrack and lose time.

Set up a time limit for each telephone call and make sure you tell your caller. In this way you can save yourself lots of stress from trying to end the telephone call. This will also aid your caller in condensing the information they want you to hear. This one sounds meticulous but is a major saver.

Give Thanks

The next time, be sure to offer praise when time someone helps you out with something. This can be to a subordinate, co-worker or to a member of the family for any effort you have noticed. They will be happy to help you again, when you need them next time.

Do it Now

Do not allow for the luxury of procrastination. It will only stress you out when you think about that hateful “to do” item on your list, if you do so. You will end up blowing your “to do” list right out of proportion and it will become almost not possible to accomplish.

Start by tackling the largest or most disliked job first, dividing it up into manageable tasks. At this stage, the other jobs will be a breeze!

Be your own Systems Engineer

You simply find there is too much time wasted every day on searching for things. Find a new system that works for you and your lifestyle and then apply it to absolutely everything! Use it like clockwork and you will find new time slots you never thought existed.

Make More Space

Go through your entire file system and then weed out any old unneeded files to free up space in your filing system.


Delegate those tasks that you have no time for or team up with someone who can help you most.

Use Waiting Time

Make the optimum usage of the time. The next time you visit your dentist, meet with your boss or while waiting for your dinner to cook, take the time to catch up on reading or planning. When that is done use, the time to sort, tidy or just thinks.

Deal with it Only Once

Handle each letter and each piece of paper only once. Read it and file it, redirect it to somewhere else, schedule it in your day planner or toss it. Do not add it to a never-ending pile on your desk in hopes that you will get to it eventually. You WILL NOT!

Be your own Post-Master

Use those handy sticky notes to write errands needed to be done. Stick them to your front door or your fridge, to remind you as you are headed out. These work great!



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