Reduce Clutter To Feel Inner Calm

Have you ever felt irritation or even a feeling of being overwhelmed in the midst of disorder or clutter? Does the sight of an untidy closet or a messy desk put you off? If so you are not alone and nor is this an unreasonable feeling.

There are several reasons why you have possibly felt great; feel calmer and more at peace after you have managed to clear your desk, sort out your kitchen or rearrange your closet ridding each of unnecessary items and needless clutter.

clearing clutterFor one it restores a sense of order and gives you the feeling that it is you who are once again in charge and not your stuff!

Getting rid of junk gives you a feeling of freedom, and the feeling that you have to deal with less stuff now. Practically speaking you make a lot more space to work with, making for more productivity and efficient storage.

Every now and again though you will find that the clutter starts to creep up on you; so keep in mind that you have to work at it. If you have a clear area you will be reluctant to let it get cluttered again so don’t let it get to the point that it gets out of hand!

Source: Psychology today



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