How to Organize your Wardrobe

Most of us need to go out almost every day and you need to look your best when you go. Though it does not mean that you need to apply a lot of makeup, it does mean that you should wear clothes that suit the purpose and the time of the day.

Having said that, it would be an understatement to say that you need your clothes properly organized so that you can find the items that you want as and when you need them. But many people do not bother about it and end up wasting time looking for that outfit that would suit them best. Here is an easy way you can organize your wardrobe.

organize your wardrobe

Organize your Wardrobe

  • Empty you closet first. Unless you have everything out you will not realize the amount of work needed to organize that space.
  • See what you have and then decide if you need to discard clothes. This step is important for all those of you who love to shop and keep stacking clothes that you would never wear. So this is the time and now for you to decide what you want to keep and what you want to give away.
  • Clean the closet well. If you have shelves, then you may want to place liners over it. Check for bugs and web and also make sure that there are no bed bugs.
  • Make stacks based on the categories you find convenient. Separate out the winter clothes especially your coats and heavy jackets. You need to have your party wear in a separate stack. Keep all the clothes that you wear regularly in a separate pile. Other groups can be those of office wear, swim wear, underwear and light hoodies for fall and spring.
  • Now place all you clothes that you use regularly in front so that you can access them easily. Keep you heavy winter wear wrapped and at the end of the closet in case you need them for only three months. You can also place the winter wear in the foyer.
  • Keep the light jackets handy. Make sure that your party wear is hung from hangers that have covers. This helps preserve them. Hang your office wear just behind your casuals.
  • It is best to keep your underwear and socks in a small cabinet or drawer.

All said and done, make sure that you have all the clothes that you need often to be right where you can reach them easily.

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