Organize Your Junk Drawer And Laundry Room

Organize Junk Drawer

It is easy to transform junk drawers into neatly organized compartments.

  • Creating dividers is the first big step to organizing a drawer. It is very easy to prepare dividers. You will need cardboard, scissors and shelf paper to prepare dividers. Start by cutting strips of cardboard to size and cover them with shelf paper. Leave a wee notch on each of the ends so that the cardboard dividers can interlock.
  • Purchase a pre-assembled utility basket or even a utensil holder that matches the dimensions of your drawer to quickly begin to get things in good order.
  • Film canisters can be used to collect small items such as change, tacks and buttons. Place all similar objects together in clear plastic bags to allow you to see them easily.
  • Use an egg carton for the little items that end up in a junk drawer. This will keep your items tidy. It also helps keep visual order in the drawer so that you can instantly see what is in each small space.

Organize Laundry Room

It is a breeze to clean up that untidy laundry area, eliminate some of the clutter, and save loads of time.

  • Clear out all of the clutter and remove everything but the machines and large furniture.
  • Locate a good sorting area. Make one sorting area, if you do not have one. Use light and dark pillowcases attached to the wall or side of a cabinet with a bracket. Use curtain clips to hold the pillowcase in place. The pillowcases are a smart sorting technique when taking laundry to a laundry mat, too.
  • Store your necessities in attractive canisters and decorative jars.
  • Use up empty wall space over the machines. Install a bar for hanging clothes as they come out of the dryer. Install wire shelving.
  • Place a wheeled cart between your machines for added storage in places where you have extra space. To make your own, use four 1 x 6′ pieces of lumber, cut to the length of your machines, some trip pieces, screws, wheels and a little paint. Screw the front and back panels to the bottom and middle shelves. Next, nail trip to the sides and around the top. Attach wheels and paint.
  • Place the ironing board off the floor. Hang it closer to your machines for convenience.

You have a new laundry room made to order.



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