Organize To Reduce Stress

stress1How do you feel when you can’t find your car keys in the morning? When you are running late for work? When your kids forget their school work or lunch?

All of these situations are stressful, and having a good organizational system can help you avoid these situations.

When you are experiencing stress, it is sometimes hard to think about taking the time out to organize your life.

But having an organized life can help you to be more motivated,increase  productivity in the workplace, and less stressful, all of which are very positive. [Ways To Reduce Stress]

Start by being ruthless with your belongings and getting rid of everything that does not bring you pure joy. Have something you are unsure of? Then pack it away and see if you really miss it.

Once you experience living in an organized environment you may find you are so much happier that the “things” you formerly required as distractions are no longer important to you.

Once you have eliminated as much clutter as possible, get your house clean. For many people who work outside the home, it is well worth it to hire someone to help with cleaning.

Begin to make lists and prioritize. Do not try to keep one list for work and a separate list for home. You need one central location to keep up with your schedule.

Try using a shared calendar with other family members, such as Google Calendar, which allows you to set reminders.

Automate as many things as you can. For example, having your paycheck directly deposited will save you a trip to the bank.

Having bills automatically deducted from your account, such as a car payment, can save you the trouble of remembering to pay the bill. Anything that can take care of itself, so to speak, is one less thing you have to trouble yourself with.

Last, but certainly not least, make sure there is room in your new schedule for rest, relaxation, and the unexpected. Having regular rest and relaxation will also help reduce your stress level.

Having some flexibility will allow you deal with the unexpected when it comes up. Never so organize and schedule your life that you eliminate all flexibility.



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