Multi Tasking Or Single Tasking – That Is The Question

prioritizing activitiesWhile many will swear to the effectiveness of multi tasking, we all know the stress it can bring with it; the need to juggle more than one thing at a time.

So perhaps single tasking is more effective, many argue. But that is easier said than done; so what are the ways in which you can actually become an effective SingleTasker?

  • Prioritize your daily activities and don’t overestimate your abilities and put too much on your daily calendar. Make accurate assessments about how much time each task will realistically take and you may be surprised at how much it gets done in a day.
  • See things in their correct perspective; many so called Crises may not really be as calamitous as all that and you may not really have to disrupt your schedule for them. Don’t be in a hurry to call something a crisis; it may be quite inconsequential after all.
  • Delegate when possible. Don’t meet with any and everyone who comes to see you; use administrative assistants effectively. Make sure that it is part of a team that you work as; there is no need to shoulder all the responsibility yourself.
  • Focus, focus, focus! Reduce distractions, make sure your work space is comfortable and uncluttered, don’t keep checking your phone and email unnecessarily and get the job at hand done!

Source: Psychology Today



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