Good Organizing Tips and Tricks

Good Organizing Tips – Organize Bedroom

Add comfort to your bedroom. Make a nifty bedside area by keeping those things you need close at hand in either a night table or handy caddy. This is used to hold items like notepaper, pens, reading glasses and whatever crafts items you like to do in the bedroom.

More storage space can be created for things that decorate the room, or that serve a needed function by hanging wall shelves on any useable wall space. The more you sort through your personal belongings and find a new home for them, the more free space you will be opening up and this is the height of being organized!

Good Organizing Tips – Organize Children

  • Design your children’s room so that they can keep it up themselves.
  • Give them their own household responsibilities and chores and then offer them a form of allowance.
  • Show your kids how to maintain their own rooms and reward them on their accomplishment in doing so. This will teach them to be organized.

Good Organizing Tips – Organize Clothes

  • Grouping them by color within the category will make it easier to mix and match your garments.
  • Hang clothes in the closet by type, arranging similar items together, and by use.
  • Keep only current season’s coats and jackets in your coat closet.
  • Use closet organizers and you will create more space in your closet.
  • Store out-of-season clothes in old suitcases, drawers, garment bags or trunks.

Good Organizing Tips – Organize Kitchen

Here are good ways to add new space to your kitchen:

  • Install smaller wall shelves to hold canisters and small appliances.
  • Put shelf organizers inside cabinets with high shelf space.
  • Store away (or give away) appliances or kitchenware that is no longer being used.
  • Use plastic drawer organizers under your kitchen sink to make better use of wasted space.
  • Put a pegboard on walls to hang light or smaller items.

Good Organizing Tips – Multi-Tasking

Begin today by combining some activities such as:

  • Flipping through magazines or catalogs while talking on the telephone.
  • Exercise, and watching television.
  • Watering your favorite plants while clothes are in the dryer.
  • Filing your finger nails while waiting for an appointment.


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