5 Myths About Self Storage Keeping You From Getting Organized

People insist on keeping things and keeping them close by. Call it a survival strategy, or pack rat behavior, either way it’s a problem that plagues many Americans with limited space in their homes to stow away the excess acquisitions.

The problem can be easily fixed with self storage, but many people perceive these places as either shady, expensive, or a waste of money. It’s important to know the truth about modern self storage facilities and consider how they can assist you in bettering your organization if clutter is an issue.

Self Storage

Myth One: Thieves Thrive on Self Storage

The truth is thieves would like to thrive on self storage, but they can’t.

Most if not all storage facilities have at least one attendant on duty 24 hours a day, and if not are armed with alarms that deter criminal activity.

Even if the threat of instant law enforcement notification doesn’t deter thieves, the super-secured doors and locks make it almost impossible.

Myth Two: They’re Dank and Dirty Bug-Magnets

We’ve been raised on the Hollywood cliché of the detective breaking into a long forgotten storage unit wherein someone’s body parts are found in boxes caked in dust and crawling with critters.

That’s just for effect and in no way reflects how storage units look in real life. Almost all of them are climate controlled, and keeping the insides of their units dry and uninviting to insects is a top priority.

Myth Three: Only “Pack Rats” Need Self Storage

Storage units accommodate vehicles and other big items you might have a reason to stow for long or short periods of time. For example a family in Kansas City with a 30-foot boat they use for jetting across the Lake of the Ozarks 150 miles south might want to look into Kansas City self storage if they don’t have a garage big enough to fit their craft during the winter.

Storing a vehicle does help keep a garage open for more personal storage if indeed too much junk is an issue.

Myth Four: The Good Ones are Expensive

Simply not true. Renowned storage facilities are guaranteed to offer rates you’ll find affordable and ones that remain consistent for the duration of your storage needs. It’s really a matter of the rare questionable storage centers offering too-good-to-be-true cheap unit rentals.

Myth Five: You’re Forced to Commit to a Contract

Another one that is completely false. Storage facilities have nothing to gain from individuals if they contracted them to a certain length of time. Those storing items would simply remove them and stop paying and then there’s empty locker space that could be used for other people.

They thrive on turnaround as much as long-lasting relationships and have no problem with a month’s worth of storage or a decade.

Getting yourself organized can just be a matter of clearing the debris of too much stuff in the house. Minimizing your home storage problems can allow you more time to focus on what’s important and making your home life better. Don’t disregard an option that’s so readily right for you.



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