You Can Avoid Being Manipulated During Negotiation

negotiationThere are some people who enter into negotiations with absolutely no idea or even intention of coming to a satisfactory conclusion that would fit everyone at the end of it all.

These are the people who will only look out for what may be good for them and be completely blind to how it may affect others.

These are the people from whom you will have to defend yourself, especially if you are the type of person who may feel pushed into a corner while in the process of negotiations.

Here are some tips for you to avoid such a situation:

1. Know what you want, clearly before you enter into any sort of negotiation. It does not make any sense to flounder about not knowing what to talk about, and this is also a sure fire way to get yourself tightly into a corner from which you will find it difficult to emerge.

2. Conduct a proper research, and be prepared before hand. Find out if possible whatever you can about the other person, so that you can maintain your confidence levels when the negotiation seems to be flagging.

3. Always maintain your standards, that is, no matter how aggressive the other person may be, never give up on your stand. Remember; most people do not wish to make enemies, they are simply being aggressive because they do not know any other way to be.

If you maintain your stand coolly and calmly, and do not give into the others’ demands, the other person will naturally be impressed, and this will lead to smoother negotiations.

4. Try your best not to fight back with the other more aggressive person directly. Rather, maintain your cool and question them coolly about why they are saying what they are saying or what they are doing.

5. If you find that the other person is behaving rather too aggressively and that his demands are too much for you to cope with, try to call in a third party, so that you do not get manipulated into making a decision that will not suit your purposes.

6. Always remember that just because you want to play fair and stick to the rules, it does not mean that the other person will follow this as well.

Therefore, be prepared to simply walk away from the negotiation, if it is not working out as you had expected it to. This is a better option than letting yourself become manipulated into a corner and having to take decisions against your better judgment.



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