7 Best Ways to Improve your Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is an important skill, not just for those who are into business or sales but also for almost every person. Negotiation is something which might prove useful while shopping, while striking a deal, while selling an object or while finding a job too! But how does one who finds himself totally incapable of negotiating improve upon this skill?  Well, the following are the top 7 ways to improve your negotiation skills:

improve your negotiation skills

1. Do your research

Negotiation cannot be done under a cloud of doubt or lack of knowledge. You must do your research properly and clarify your objectives to yourself.  If you are into a business deal , then get to know the most about the opposite party and then make use of this knowledge to your benefit.

2. Decide what is negotiable

Not everything is up for negotiation. Decide what all is negotiable and compromise only when you think there is scope for it.  You must set both an upper limit as well as  a lower limit for the price you are willing to pay or a price for which you are willing to sell.

3. Plan a Strategy

For those in sales or business negotiations, planning and writing down a strategy is important.  Decide on an approach beforehand and write down the points that you can use for negotiating your way into the deal.

4. Push a Little Harder

If the salesman tells you that he is willing to sell an item for $10 then make sure you don’t act submissive and give in. always try to quote a practical price and then push to get your price accepted. If you feel that there is  chance that the salesman would agree, do not give up.

5. Stick to the Price you Quote

Once you have stated a price point to a customer, make sure you stick to it and not move away from it. This will make the customer feel that you are not doing to budge and would turn the situation in your favor.

6. Use your Head as much as your Heart

It is important to use your head to understand the break point of the opposite negotiation party. Hit them hard when the time is right and when they show any sign of weakness. Do not feel empathy when there is a huge deal at stake

7. Back yourself

Do not give up in the middle when you feel discouraged. Back yourself to do it and do it better.


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