Top 4 Games That Develop Negotiation Skills

Negotiating is an art which very few want to learn or get to learn. The truth is no matter which industry a person is in he needs to learn to negotiate his deal to find way to be successful. One of the methods that is conventionally established is to go out in the market and buy things such as food, kitchen accessories or even cloths.

negotiation skills

This gives one a firsthand experience of negotiating, but today there are games designed to improve negotiation skills. These games can be played among groups or one-to-one form. Following are some of these games which are regularly used to hone negotiating skills.

1. One On One Negotiating

One of the best games is that of a role play. Here a person is given typical negotiating hurdles and he has to negotiate with other person who is playing a role of a customer or a vender. These types of games can be played among couples and have proved very effective in developing negotiation in one on one scenario.

There are various online applications and games for this type of role playing wherein one has to choose words carefully to get what he wants from the opposite player. The negotiation skills require a person to be a good listener and an articulate speaker.

2. Cross the Line

This game can be played at a high school level with two teams of students playing against each other. In this game, two teams choose their respective captains and they are placed on either side of a rope. Each captain stands across from each other and members from other team try to influence him to join their team.

3. Tennis game

It is a metaphorical term used for one of the negotiation developing games. Two teams sit across the table and start the topic to negotiate. The topic can be as simple such as who will pay for the food after the meeting. Each team has to put up their deals in the beginning and later it will be negotiated by the other team.

4. Auction Game

This game suits best for professionals who can shell some money and even afford to lose some. Every person chips in 1$ from his pocket, it is collected in a pot then each of these members negotiate the buying price of this pot. The highest bidder wins the money in the pot. This is a highly competitive game for professionals and develops good negotiation acumen.

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