Points To Remember While Negotiating Your Notice Period

Sometimes resigning from a job for a new one is more difficult than you can imagine. Doing it the wrong way can turn the relationship that you share with your boss a bit rusty and it might reflect on your character certificate as well! Situations can get worse if you are put up as a bad reference in related companies. But however, if you do it right, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Negotiating Your Notice Period

It can also prove fruitful for your career in the future. In many cases, you need to negotiate down your notice period as you might have the hurry to join the new one; the negotiation tenure is not only difficult but calls for severe tactful methods to be applied. The important thing to remember while negotiating for notice period is never to leave on harsh terms. So here are the points that can actually help you to negotiate down with your notice period. Some of the things that you must take care of are:

The timing of your resignation

You must be clear with your current employer that you intent to resign on a particular date. Then you should provide your resignation without wasting much time as the more time you take the more extended will be your notice period. Given the situations of your contract you may be able to negotiate to reduce your notice period but never take it for granted that you will be given so.

The Protocol of Resignation

Your manager or boss should be the first person in your office who gets to know about your planned resignation and all the talks regarding notice period should also be done with him directly. It’s not appropriate to discuss it within your colleagues. If you are anxious about approaching him, take help and consult your friends, families but never your colleagues as they might build up new political massacre within the unit and then the negotiation will get tougher.

Arrange a Meeting

Talk directly, face to face with your employer rather than just sending him a letter or e-mail. Rehearse yourself on how you are going to approach him about reducing the notice period. Write down a resignation letter which you will hand it over to him during the meeting formally.

Expect him to react emotionally, but you should not get emotional. Be as much professional you can be and state the genuine reasons as to why you are asking for reduction in notice period.

Counter Offers

Your employer will shower you will flattery and even offer you a better salary and other packages and try to retain you. Basically he will try his best to keep you in and can even turn a deaf ear to the notice period issues. But you should not fall prey to greed or temptations.

It is important that you keep up your word with your new employer and join on the scheduled date. Thus reducing the notice period should be the main point in the decorum.

Thus follow the above given tips to negotiate down your notice period.

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