How To Negotiate For A Higher Raise?

negotiateWhether you’re applying for your first job or negotiating for a raise, your raise will depend on how well you negotiate with your boss.

We all have anxieties over asking for money in any way, shape, or form.

We might know that the budget is tight and that our boss is concerned with minimizing costs in order to maximize revenue.

Sometimes, we wonder whether or not we deserve the raise in the first place. Other times, we are worried about whether or not our boss will be offended at us finding that our work is more valuable than our boss finds it to be. [Negotiating skills]

Be sure to prepare for the raise negotiation. Practice several times the week before negotiating for your raise. Imagine how you think your boss would respond and prepare your own response to his response.

As long as you approach the request for a raise in the most respectful and patient way possible, you will not come across as demanding. Unless he is relatively new to his position, he should expect requests for raises.

If he does not feel that there is enough room in the budget for your request, he should already have experience responding in a respectful and considerate way.

Get to know your boss and learn how to pick up on nonverbal cues. You will eventually discover that there are times when your boss will be more responsive to suggestions.

During these moments, even if your boss realizes that he cannot give you a raise at this time, he will be more likely to remember you when it is time to give raises.

The best time to negotiate for a raise is when you are in the process of being promoted. An especially good time to ask for a raise is not long after you have accomplished something.

Your boss will be thinking more positively towards you and you will be able to use this success as evidence for your value to the company. If you demonstrate consistent usefulness, even a stingy boss will want to give you a raise in order to avoid losing you to another company.

Remember that you should have specific reasons why you deserve a raise. If your boss starts to seem hesitant, return to these points. Do not stray from these points because your boss will start to think that you are hesitant about your accomplishments. This in tune might cause your boss to feel hesitant.

When negotiating for the specific wage, ask your boss to name an amount and then ask for a little more. If your boss insists that you name a price, your prior research will come in handy.

Before even having the interview, you should research the average salary that those in your field have after working as long as you have. This will give you a rough number to go off of.

Most importantly, remember to improve yourself. Even if you feel that you are not being paid enough for your efforts, remember that your hard work will play a large role when you do negotiate. [How to increase productivity]

Even if your boss does not give you the wage you are looking for, your accomplishments will look great on a resume when you are applying for an even better position at a company that appreciates your work.



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