Why the Gym Isn’t As Important to Fitness Anymore

Where you work out isn’t going to affect the outcome, so don’t think that enrolling in a gym is necessary to get fit. You can work out in your basement or backyard and become as lean and lithe as the guys who spend hours at the gym. I have.

There’s no reason to hit the gym if you can train at home. You don’t need state-of-the-art equipment or pay instructors to help you lose weight, develop muscles, and improve strength as long as you get enough exercise every day. According to the American Heart Association, 30 minutes of daily moderate exercise are enough to keep you fit.

Why the Gym Isn’t As Important to Fitness Anymore

Working out at home versus hitting the gym

After 2 years of working out a gym, I realized that it can be very:

  • Inconvenient
  • Time-consuming
  • Distracting
  • Expensive

It’s not to say that I didn’t get anything out of it. It helped me shed off extra pounds and tone muscles a little bit but the gym has turned into a playground where people are more concerned with socializing, it’s become difficult to focus with all the noise people make. Plus, membership is too expensive. I was shocked to know that the median annual cost for new gym members, according to the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association, is $775. With monthly fees at $43, we’re looking at $511 annually. I didn’t want to pay that much anymore.

Working out at home is more fun and advantageous because of it:

Helps me save more every month. Not having to gas up every time I work out is a huge money-saver.

It’s convenient. I often work out using just my body weight and other items in the house like benches, chairs, and stairs.

Allows me to focus and observe proper form when lifting weights, allowing me to hit the right muscle groups.

Doesn’t limit what I can do. For cardio exercises, I can run up and down the stairs or run. I can also skip rope, shoot hoops, or even play a little softball, which burns calories well. Luckily, we have a sports park near us and you can find 2013 baseball equipment for sale and other affordable sports equipment so you can play any game! They burn fat and work out my core, quads, biceps, triceps, and shoulders with all the running and jumping.

Doesn’t disrupt my daily routine because I can squeeze in few minutes of exercise in my busy schedule.

I like the variety working out from home offers. I’m not dependent on machines and can really push my body to the limit. Body weight exercises like push-ups, dips, planks, and lunges are very simple and effective because of the concentrated movements that work every muscle fiber.

Simple yet effective exercise routines that’ll make you burn calories the whole day

  • Total body workout
  • 10 minutes of running
  • Push-ups, flyes, and bench press
  • Bicep and concentration curls
  • Military and shoulder press
  • Lunges and squats
  • Crunches, sit ups, and leg raise
  • Jogging for cooling down
  • For higher metabolic rate
  • 10 – 20 minutes of jump rope where you alternate slow and fast movements.
  • For a stronger core – Sit ups, crunches, leg raise, side crunches, and planks (1 minute each).

In just 3 weeks of alternating these exercises, I was able to trim down and improve strength and endurance and tone my muscles. And to not pay for gym membership to achieve those is truly an awesome feat.



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