Tips to Motivate Yourself to Study

Most students, no matter what their age need motivation to study, more so when they are starting to study after a long gap. It is common to sit down with books and feel as if you have not slept for ages. A student who has been motivated for studying would be able to go that extra mile required to become successful in life. You always do not need other people to motivate you for studying or doing something else. Self-motivation works best and here in this article we have discussed about few tips to motivate yourself to study:

tips to motivate yourself to study

Find a Perfect Place to Study

You possible cannot study in a place which is noisy or has too many interruptions. Your perfect place for study could be anywhere, your room, a café, your terrace or anywhere else you think you can concentrate. Just make sure that it is a place where you would not run to people frequently.

Also make sure that you have everything that you would need during your study hours like books, exercise books, pens, pencils etc. Keep a water bottle by your side as well so that you do not have to get up from your study to get any of these. Do not bring your mobile phone and even if you do, keep it in the silent mode. Shut down your computer as well.

Make Goals

  • We all study for a purpose and though, this is something we all know it helps when you have a fixed set of goals and objectives. These can be both short term goals or long term goals and having objectives is the best motivation that you can have for yourself. It would help you to stay focused so that you can accomplish your goals and it gives you the perseverance to stick to your goals and work on it.
  • Reward yourself when you complete a goal or objective and that can be a 5-minute break or a small treat. No matter what it is, make sure that you get back to your studies and follow the time limit that you have set for the break.

Follow a Schedule

  • Make a time table and abide by it. Obviously you can make changes if required but a set time table allows you to become organized and reach your goals in an easy way. Do not delay your course of action and do not wait to start tomorrow. Also, do not wait for getting the exam schedule to start with your studies.
  • If something that you have assigned for Monday and something for Tuesday and you happen to finish both by Monday, then do not waste Tuesday and start something new on that day.
  • Get started immediately and most of the times, this is the hardest part. Do not set big goals from the beginning only. Set small goals like doing half of a chapter today and the remaining tomorrow so that you can start by doing a little and increase with each passing day.


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