The Mystery of Motivation: Why Does It Work?

On emotions, motivation is often based. Since it is involved with all learned responses, motivation is important to all of us.

Physical motivation can be hunger, thirst, or anything else that copes with our bodies. The motivation to walk quicker in a driving rain is to get to someplace dry as soon as possible. The need to provide for our families is the motivation many men and women have to go to work each day.

The wish to send our children to colleges motivates us to begin that savings account and continue to add to it year by year. Motivation, even though, often unrecognized is what the driving force behind all of our actions is.

Motivation with Children

With children, motivation works well. It helps get them past an obstacle that may seem impractical to them. With a little incentive to work for that can give them a little further push to achieve that goal they’ve been working toward.

Incentives to help children reach positive goals could be money for A’s on their report card. A special outing or that special video game they are wanting, if no disciplinary notes are sent home for one week.

Weight Loss

With weight loss, it’s astonishing what a little motivation will do. It is an extra incentive to lose weight, if there is a special event planned for the near future. If you want to be a big success at your high school reunion, then that extra push will help you meet your goal.

Going on a cruise? That is a huge incentive to lose those love handles. Spring is on its way and I want to wear those same denim jeans I could wear last year. That will be a little difficult unless I drop the 10 pounds I gained over the holidays!

History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed.

They won since they refused to be discouraged by their defeats.” I love that quote, it says to me that others have traveled this road and obstacles are there for anyone. If you want to get to your final goal, you must be strong adequate to work your way around or over them.

Why does Motivation Work?

What is motivation and why does it work? That’s a good question and one I will look at in this article. Motivation is that little push or nudge you need to keep working toward a preferred end. Motivation works in many ways and for nearly any situation.

You can motivate children, adults, employees, and you to reach set goals. B.C. Forbes quotes,” Why does motivation work? I think most everyone has a desire to be recognized as a valuable human being. I was a manager for a year, and I can honestly say that you get lots more out of those who are working for you by positive reinforcement than negativity.

Setting little goals and achieving those makes you feel good. With our children, it may be for the treat that is dangling in front of them.

Eventually, those goals look a little easier if there is something else thrown in. How hard have you worked to win a game at a shower knowing there was a little gift involved? One of the tricks of a successful home party salesperson is to be free with giving away little goodies. Isn’t it funny how we are?

Business Motivational Incentives

In order to increase business production and sales, Business uses motivational incentives. Sales work is specifically an area where incentives are used to boost business. I know of someone who worked hard to win his big screen TV.

My husband once won an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas . In corporations to promote teamwork and a positive encouragement, incentives are offered to team members.

Team unity creates happier employees, and happier employees are more creative. It’s an established fact, if you like your job, you will be more productive. A manager’s responsibility is to help employees accomplish their goals and goals are more fun to realize for when there is an added incentive tacked on.

So why are motivational incentives so important? I think it’s in our human nature to work for something extra. Motivation will lend a hand to us past the bumps in the road that stand between our goals and success.



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