Ten Simple Things to Get You Motivated on the Weekend

You may think that weekends are times when you can settle in bed all day long. The weekends can fly by without substance if you allow yourself to sleep them away. While this may be true, it is not always the best choice to make.

Some weekends may be used for catching up on sleep; you can avoid them as thus by getting to bed early throughout the week. If you want to be more motivated to get out of bed on the weekend, try these ten easy techniques to help you get started.

A Good Breakfast

If you have a hard time getting up on the weekends, consider making Saturday your family breakfast day. You can choose to visit a local diner each Saturday for breakfast or you can choose to prepare your own. When you know that Saturday is a day when your family is counting on a good breakfast, you will find it easier to get out of bed. After all, the diner doesn’t serve breakfast all day!

Exercise Early

One way many people choose to get motivated on weekend mornings is to schedule exercise time. If you plan to exercise early in the morning, before officially starting your day, you will be more motivated all day long. Instead of rolling over for an extra hour of sleep, think about how energized you will feel after getting your exercise out of the way. Involve the whole family so everyone can benefit.

Beautiful Weather

Before you go to sleep at night, consider opening your bedroom blinds just a bit. If you open them enough, you will be able to awake to the shining sun through your window. When you are awaken by something like beautiful weather it is impossible to avoid getting out of bed. So, crack those blinds and enjoy the morning sun.

Make Plans

We all hate to disappoint our friends. If you need extra motivation to get out of bed on the weekends, make a date with a friend to go early morning garage sale shopping. Everyone knows that you have to hit these sales early to get the deals. You won’t want to disappoint your friend and will likely hop out of bed earlier than usual.

Quality Time

When you rush through the week, you probably notice that there is never enough time to spend with your family. After getting the children home from school, eating dinner, homework, baths, and cleaning up, there is nothing left for bonding.

Therefore, getting motivated to use the weekend wisely is important for family life. You should try to do something with your family each weekend. It may not be anything extravagant, but that quality time is enough to make you roll out of bed instead of sleeping the day away.

Tiresome Chores

Maybe it is lingering chores that are keeping you in bed all weekend. If you have a ton of chores to do, go ahead and get them over with. When you knock them out of the way early, you can enjoy the rest of your day. Try recruiting your family to help you out so that it takes much less time and everyone can get the day started together.

Shopping Always Helps

Nothing motivates people to get up quite like a day of shopping. Shopping is something that can be done at any time, but the earlier you hit the mall on the weekend, the better parking spot you will get.

With shopping malls packed on the weekends, you will want to get started early. Some stores even offer early bird specials which make getting up early even more worth your while.

Movie Days

If it has been a long week and you know you will have trouble getting out of bed, consider planning a weekend movie day. Plan to take in the first showing of a movie each weekend. This will help you get motivated to get up and look forward to something fun.

Religious Appreciation

Sometimes getting up for church is the only thing that keeps people going. If you are a religious person, getting up on Sunday morning may not be a problem.

However, if you have trouble with Saturday, you might want to use that religious appreciation to get you motivated. You can offer your time to help out at church or volunteer for a local charity. Whatever it takes to get you moving, do it!

Planning Trips

When you need something to look forward to in order to get started with the day, consider planning small weekend trips. Your family will love the excitement of a small day trip and will likely jump out of bed early.



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