Stay Motivated

Stay MotivatedIt is really easy to become unmotivated in many different areas of life.

We have issues staying motivated in our work life, our home life, with our significant other and with our familial relationships.

Some of us are lucky and do what we love for a living and others of us work for a living to afford the opportunities to do what we love.

Regardless of our motivation, it comes and goes and burnout comes a bit too easily and a bit too often. So how do we rejuvenate our motivation levels and avoid burnout?

First of all it is important to set goals. Set small and realistic goals because each time you reach a goal you will feel your motivation is rejuvenated. For example if you are trying to maintain motivation for weight loss, set a small goal like two to three pounds.

Then when you reach two to three pounds you will feel motivated all over again. And if your to-do list is just so overwhelming you can’t stay motivated to get through it, set daily goals.

Tomorrow set a goal to finish three of the items on that list. Instead of feeling disappointed in yourself for not getting them all done you will feel proud, productive and a sense of accomplishment for having finished the three goals on your list.

Or if you are a writer you could set small goals each day like 500 to 1000 words or even a chapter. Or, if you are training for a marathon you can gradually work up to the miles each day.

Your first week of training doesn’t be too hard on yourself and set your goal at the end of the week as three miles. At the beginning of the week this will seem impossible but at the end of the week when you can run three miles you will feel very accomplished.

As you think of things throughout the day write them down on a small notepad that you keep with you. Write down everything from what phone calls you need to return to appointments you make.

Make sure in all of your striving to reach your goals that you do not lose sight of the small things that make you happy.

Do not fill all your time with working toward your goals. Spend time with friends, family and volunteering or your church just like you always have. Do not fixate on any one thing.



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