Self Improvement and Motivation

Self ImprovementSeveral people do things because we are motivated to do so. We join organizations because we are motivated by loneliness.

A baby cries because he is motivated by hunger. What has motivated you to strive for your latest self-improvement goal?

What is our motivation if weight loss is our self-improvement goal? Are we losing weight because we are teased and wish to be accepted? Are you wishing to lose weight as you wish to wear a yellow polka dot bikini?

What motivated you to start on your journey to a tobacco less existence if your self improvement goal is to stop smoking? Did your wife threaten you? Did your young daughter plead with you to quit? Did your doctor show you a picture of diseased lungs?

Did you know that what motivates us can decide how successful we are at accomplishing our self-improvement goal? Which do you think will motivate you better, something someone else wants you to do, or something that has meaning to you? Well, believe it or not the answer depends on the circumstances.

An Example

Let’s say your girlfriend is very sexy and you are madly in love with her. She has agreed to “get serious” with you on the condition that you will lose 20 pounds.

If all you can think about is this girl, your every waking moment is consumed with thoughts of her; then her request will be strong motivation for you to lose weight.

You have something to gain from her request. With the fact that she wants you to lose weight, you got strongly motivated. Are you likely to successfully lose weight?

Yes, except that she happens to run off with your best friend; then, you will most likely lose your motivation fast. Actually, you will possibly start consuming large amounts of sugar, pasta, and alcohol.

When others motivate us, they can control our self improvement success. What actually gets us fired up and focused on our self improvement goals is when we are motivated by our own self-wants and desires.

The bigger the motivator, the more likely we are to stick it out for the duration. Self-motivation is equal to self-control. If we have a reason for achieving that goal that comes from our own desires if we have more control over the outcome of our self-improvement goal.

How to Keep That Motivation In Front of Us

It is not unusual to lose focus as we journey from the beginning to end. You can distracted by other goals, other people or other events. We can forget what it is that we are working so hard to accomplish. So how do we stay motivated?

  1. Keep a Self-Improvement Journal that details your goal, your plan to achieve it and the benefits you will reap once you accomplish your goal
  2. Keep your motivation in front of you, every day
  3. Make your motivation as tangible as you can
  4. Reward yourself with every step you take towards your goal

No matter what may be motivating you, find a way to express that motivation in a tangible way.

Find a picture of it, draw a picture of it, or write it out on a piece of paper. Tape your motivational picture up all over your home, at work, at school, in your vehicle. Ensure that motivation is reminded to you visually several times a day.



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