Quick Motivation Boosters You Can Use

My friend George was trying his best to quit smoking, at the same time that I was.

While I would get de motivated rather quickly, and I often found that I was not able to resist the temptation of a quick smoke out in the garden, George continued to avoid smoking, and he finally managed to quit smoking altogether, while I struggled on still, with my now severely limited quota of a single pack of cigarettes per day.

Why did this happen? Why was George more motivated than me, and why was he able to stick to his self given guidelines? All these questions prompted me to examine the issue, and here’s what I found; maybe it will help you get motivated into doing things and remaining committed to doing them.

George confessed that he tried using motivation boosters, and it was because of these that he remained so determined until the end. He revealed the secrets to me:

  • Try using music: Music is a great mood booster, and will motivate you into attaining high energy levels. You can dance away to the music, and it will definitely bring a great smile to your face. You will automatically be motivated.
  • Try writing down your thoughts: Write down your thoughts, including the advantages and the disadvantages of what you are trying to achieve at the present time, no matter what it may be.
  • Try to visualize your impending success: This will make the end appear much closer than it actually is, and you can redouble the efforts you put into it. Visualize your feelings of satisfaction when you actually achieve your goal: imagine the feeling of joy and satisfaction, and the feeling of self fulfillment and the boost to your confidence!

Visualize the end whenever you feel that you cannot go on any longer: it can prove to be a great motivation booster. Dieters often paste photographs of themselves when they were much slimmer on their refrigerators, to remind themselves of their ultimate goal, and to help them visualize clearly the result of all their dieting efforts.

  • Achieve your Goal: Try to make sure that you recognize that achieving your goal is your top priority in life, and that your goal is within your reach. For instance, don’t dream of losing 50 kg off your body when you can’t even lose 20 kg. Attaining even small goals at a time can serve as a great motivation booster.
  • Take it one step at a time, and remain confident of attaining your goal. Reassess your goals from time to time if necessary.
  • Give yourself a reward! Whenever you achieve even a small part of your goal, reward yourself. This is an excellent motivation booster, and it works quickly.

I must confess that I tried these quick motivation boosters, and today, I am a non-smoker. Thank you George for showing me the way to do it.



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