Need Motivation – Try Online Hypnotherapy

hypnotherapySometimes it just seems very hard to behave ourselves. We try to work hard. We try to quit our bad habits.

We try to curb our appetites. But sometimes it seems like we can’t always keep control of ourselves.

For this, many of us consider turning to the power of suggestion.

But not all of us know hypnotists who can use suggestion to get us to do what we really want to do. Luckily, many hypnotists are offering their services online.

The anatomy of hypnosis

Hypnosis therapy is similar to the state we are in when we are captivated by something. In this state of suggestibility, we immediately believe anything that we are told.

This is because our minds immediately accept things that we hear as true before our brains have to deny the statement. This happens almost instantly in a fully conscious state. But in a trance, we are unable to deny the things that we hear.

It all comes down to your subconscious

Your subconscious mind works hand-in-hand with your conscious mind in order to direct your day-to-day activities. Your conscious mind includes your typical thoughts. But many of the things you do throughout the day are relatively automatic.

For instance, how many times have you driven to work while deep in thought without even realizing that you were driving?  This subconscious that drives you when you are not thinking can actually be manipulated through hypnosis.

Listen to hypnosis audios

There are a lot of tapes that play recordings of hypnotists. These tapes are meant to put you into a relaxed state and then deliver messages directly to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind responds to these statements as if they are truth and directs your daily actions based on these suggestions.

For instance, if you decide that you do not want to smoke cigarettes anymore, a hypnosis tape will include messages that tell you that you are not going to smoke anymore.

Should I play these tapes while sleeping?

No. True, you might be able to remember what you hear while sleeping, even though what you remember will be negligible. But your subconscious will not be able to process these hypnosis messages in a productive way.

Also, listening to the hypnosis tapes while sleeping might disrupt your ability to get a good night sleep and rest.

Hypnotherapy sessions

Not all online hypnosis programs hypnotize you directly. Several websites provide e courses on how you can learn hypnosis in order to hypnotize yourself. That’s right. You can hypnotize yourself by speaking directly to yourself in a low and commanding voice.

The whole hypnosis is relatively complicated and requires a lot of focus, since you will be in a very relaxed state while giving yourself commands.

Your goal will be to get yourself in a state of suggestibility in which you tell yourself what you would like to change about yourself. Repeat to yourself “I will succeed, I will succeed, I will succeed.”



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