Motivational Tips From The Experts

tips for motivationIf you are finding that motivation and keeping focused on and interested in work is becoming a problem, here are some tips for motivation at the workplace from the experts –

  • According to positive psychology specialist and founder of The Happiness Institute, Tim Sharp, the challenge is to find that one loves to do, what one is good at, and also that which energizes one. Then one should try and find ways to do more of that more often.
  • Marcus Buckingham, author and former researcher at Gallup, the responsibility of job satisfaction is not just with the manager but also the employee, who should be identifying their abilities and working with them.
  • According to occupational health expert Amanda Gore, it is important to find a bigger purpose behind do a job; be it any job. Research has also shown that the modern worker wants, more than anything else, to be able to find some meaning in the job that they do.
  • In the view of Terry Hawkins, ‘mind language’ specialist as well, it is important to consider why it is that we do what we do because “passion is fuelled by purpose”. If your job is something that you feel you have to do each day rather than just another job, this can greatly motivate you each morning.


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