Motivational Tips from Teachers for Students

What you are will show in what you do, said the great inventor Thomas Alva Edison. Inspiring quotes such as these are the kind of motivational tips from teachers that help students to excel. We look at ways and means to motivate students to excel not only in their academic performance but also do their best in other spheres. Investing in your education is a great way to assist your students and make your resume more attractive. Teachers can discover more information about how an online master’s degree in psychology can make a difference at their school.

Motivational Tips from Teachers for Students

Set routines, reduce distractions

This is one of the motivational tips from teachers that can be followed in the classroom by other teachers as well as by parents at home. Structure is important for student learning, as is routine. Creating an atmosphere free from distractions helps students concentrate better.

Explain how the learning is going to be useful

It can be difficult to explain to a student why they should be doing complex algebraic formulas or learning about abstruse sounding laws of physicals.

So put things into perspective for the student. Give them real life applications and examples of where this knowledge will become practically useful.

Create an atmosphere of friendly competition

It isn’t just tests and exams that students can compete at. Another one of the motivational tips from teachers is to create a genial competitiveness within the classroom.

As a teacher you can lay stress on high classroom participation where students vie with each other to make the best effort, give the best and the most answers.

At home as well, parents can help the child by letting the child study with a friend or study buddy who can spur them on to do better. Offer incentives to help the student want to try harder.

Create challenges

As many an experienced teacher will tell you, the sense of achievement is its own reward. This brings us to the next one of our motivational tips from teachers. This one is about challenging a student to make their own effort to understand and grasp new material and perhaps to add to the study material in a useful manner.

Give positive feedback

Call in positive feedback, encouragement or constructive criticism. Tell the student what he or she is doing right and suggest ways that can make them do even better.

Be a role model

This one of the motivational tips from teachers is for parents and teacher as well. As a teacher, try to be friendly, approachable and relatable. Someone who is liked and respected by students. As a parent, set the example of a work ethic that a student can follow in their academic life as well.

Summer Enrichment Programs

You could suggest enrollment into a summer study program. These camps help polish the basics of a subject through stimulating academic workshops. The student can take up the subject of choice and lay the foundation for academic excellence.


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