10 Tips to Get the Motivation to Lose Weight

There could be literally thousands of tips that claim to offer the motivation to lose weight. We look at some that really work. Here are some tried and tested tips to get the motivation to start and to stay motivated through a weight loss program:

10 Tips to Get the Motivation to Lose Weight

1. Reduce don’t refuse

If you’re going to cut out all the foods you really love, you may start to feel resentful and this will not give you the motivation to lose weight. Rather than starving yourself, go for portion control. Instead of “cutting out”, “cut down”.

2. Use colors

Workout in bright colored clothing, paint one wall of your workout area a color that uplifts your spirits to put the vim and vigor in your workout.

3. Note positive changes other than weight loss

Concentrate on things such as increased energy levels, improved health, increased confidence levels that are some of the welcome side effects of working out, eating healthy and getting fitter.

4. Have cheat days

This will not only offer motivation to lose weight, it also kicks start the metabolism. Reduced calorie intake inhibits the metabolism, but having a cheat day helps to kick start it, and could actually help burn more calories.

5. Focus on the positives

So you didn’t get time to work out today. Or you had to just grab a sandwich for lunch instead of the salad you had planned. Things can go wrong but don’t beat yourself up about it. If you do make a mistake just pick up where you left off and keep at the program. See how much progress you’ve already made!

6. Work though plateaus

Reaching a plateau can be really frustrating and de-motivating. Tweak your diet and your workout and work through that plateau.

7. Understand your physiology

Part of the motivation to lose weight is to understand your body, and what really works for your body. Carbs control works for some and not for others. So don’t assume that a weight loss program that worked for a friend will automatically work for you.

8. Surround yourself with positive people

Research has shown that people who hang out with fitter people are fitter themselves; and those who hang out with obese people are more likely to be obese.

9. Make music a friend

Your favorite music can uplift your spirits, make you feel upbeat and literally put a spring in your step. The fact that it will spur on your workout and help you take it to the next level goes without saying!

10. Consider joining a group

Many of us find the motivation to lose weight in a class or a group. Consider joining a structured program like weight watchers, join and exercise class where there is some healthy competition.



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