What Is a Motivation Psychology Test and Where Can You Take One?

A motivation psychology test can help you indentify your levels of motivation and how they affect your responses and behaviors.

Motivation is an important determinant in your psychological makeup, behavior, social responses and cognitive functioning. It influences goal setting and achievement.

It is possible to take a motivation psychology test from a licensed professional, in a formal setting. These can be complex, structured and nuanced evaluations that can offer a lot of insight into why you do what you do.

However it is possible to take these tests online as well; often for free. We look at some online tests that will tell you more about your motivational levels.


Motivational behavior test

For a quick, simple and free motivation psychology test, visit the nonprofit websitelearnmyself.com. This test is not an in-depth evaluation, but it does give you an idea about your motivation levels.

Your behavioral approach, drive, how fun seeking you are, your reward responsiveness and behavior inhibition as well as avoidance are some aspects looked at here.

Your drive for completing tasks, ability to work hard and responsiveness to motivation are measured.

Leadership motivation assessment

How motivated are you to lead? Do you want to lead, do you have the skills required, are you prepared to do what it takes to; and are you motivated enough? These are some of the questions that this motivation test questionnaire looks at. The questionnaire examines whether you can compliment people, challenge them, resolve conflict, and offer them ideas and solutions, how important team achievement is to you and so on.

Career motivation test

This is a motivation psychology test that looks at your career motivation in particular. What part of your work do you find most rewarding? What was the basis for your selection of career? Does your work give you a sense of purpose and what are your long-term ambitions with regard to your career? What are your feelings about customer satisfaction? These are just a few of the questions that the questionnaire poses to try and gauge your level of career motivation.

Motivation test to gauge desire to change behavior

If you want to lose weight, give up smoking, or achieve any particular goal in life, how successful are you likely to be? This motivation psychology test looks at your chances of success based on different questions: how important is change? How confident and how committed to change are you?



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