How To Find And Develop Your Own Internal Motivation?

The only reason people ever really do anything is due to motivation. 

It may be our work, our hobbies, our relationships or even our chores, but one way or another, there is motivation that drives us to do the things we do.

This article is about finding out where this motivation comes from and how to develop it internally.

Two types of Motivation

There are only two types of motivation. You can label them whatever you like, but one type is positive and one type is negative. EVERYTHING we do, think and believe has some kind of foundation in painand pleasure.

Each person has, of course, a completely different view of what pain and pleasure is. But the same factors exist to steer and motivate us based on what we think we can get out of it.

Most of these associations with pain and pleasure are buried in our subconscious minds and, unfortunately, most people never realize this. Instead, they go through life on autopilot.

Despite this, you can easily learn to shift the associated pains and pleasures in your favor and put more attention to the ones you want to change.  So, how you do that is important to explore.

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