3 Brilliant Ways To Encourage Others

encourageDo you feel that your friend or children need encouragement from you?

If you are aware that someone needs your encouragement and you don’t know how to motivate them, it will be really an annoying issue for you.

Inn order to help you here are few excellent ideas to encourage others.

  1. Show genuine interest
  2. Whether the subject is out of your world or you don’t have any idea about it, make the other person realize that you are genuinely interested in discussing with them. Ask questions and get them talking about their interest in their subject. Hopefully, this way you can develop positive attitude in others. But be careful don’t fake or go overbroad.

  3. Appreciation is important
  4. Say words like “well done”, “keep it up”, “congratulations”, when the other person has really done a great job or at least they’ve tried or made an attempt to complete the task. No other things are quite worth than appreciating someone for their success or achievement. This is one of the wonderful ways to encourage others.

  5. Give your support
  6. Every one needs support of others in accomplishing any kind of task in their life. So, when you want to encourage any one you know, offer your help in a much pleasant way and give your support in all possible ways.



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